About us


Having had 60 years of experience
in the processing of thermoset
and thermoplastic and electrical industry, we would like to present to you our offer.
You will find the products you seek. Particular attention you want to draw on a diverse range of clamping elements. All our products are widely used in industry.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our product catalogs.


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Since 1957

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Within owned machinery
and tool we can offer among other services:
- production of the thermoset and thermoplastic
- combining plastics with metal inserts of different shapes (eg. bolts, nuts, eccentric levers)
- cutting metal
- production of cable connectors
- services of metal cutting, punching, processing on automatic lathes.


Occupational Therapy Workshop


We offer:

- Therapeutic professional and social activities

- Motor rehabilitation

- Psychological support

- Tours and integration meetings

- An exhibition of our works

- Economic training (pocket money)


The workshop invites to participate people with disabilities from 18 years old, having the indication for occupational therapy contained in a disability certificate.

There is no fee for participation.


Who are we?


BONEX Cooperative is a company with traditions, acting on the market since 1957 in the processing of thermoset and thermoplastic and electrical industry.
The leading manufactures are parts of the grip for machinery and equipment.

We have ISO 9001: 2015



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