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Since 1957

Occupational Therapy Workshop

Occupational Therapy Workshop was created in 1993 by BONEX Cooperative and since then operates in its structures.


Occupational Therapy Workshop is organisationally and financially separate institution, creating for the people with disabilities unable to work the possibility of social and vocational rehabilitation aimed at overall development and improvement of efficiency necessary to keep a person with a disability have an independent, autonomous and active life – measured to their individual capabilities.


Tasks of Occupational therapy Workshop include, in particular:

  • stimulation of psychomotor, intellectual and social development of a participant
  • psychological therapy and speech therapy
  • developing social maturity, including the efficiency of self-service, personal resourcefulness and ability to cooperate
  • creating conditions for fostering and gaining in terms of creative expression
  • care tailored to the needs of multiple types of disability
  • measures to facilitate the inclusion of people with disabilities, individually and collectively, in the life of the local environment
  • determining the vital needs of participants of the occupational therapy workshop and creating relevant offers of activity for them
  • popularizing the potential and the right to a dignified life for people with disabilities, e.g. by organizing exhibitions, presentations, participate in local community life, the external events, the delegation of the participants to contacts with the authorities, etc.


Implementation of the occupational therapy workshop tasks is carried out by:

  • general improvement
  • Developing skills in the performance of activities of daily living and personal resourcefulness, using various techniques of an occupational therapy
  • preparation for life in a social environment, in particular through the development of planning skills and communication, to make choices, to decide on their cases and other skills necessary for independent living, as well as improving mental and physical condition
  • developing psychophysical skills that are necessary in work
  • developing basic and specialized professional skills, allowing it to work in the factory activity or other gainful employment or vocational training



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Warsztat Terapii Zajęciowej

przy Spółdzielni BONEX

98-220 Zduńska Wola, ul. Zielona 5

tel. 43 823 23 58


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